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Are you searching for a disability lawyer, a Social Security Disability lawyer, a Social Security lawyer, or are you just not sure where to look for help? I am a lawyer who has helped people get their Social Security Disability benefits and their Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 30 years. I will be happy to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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Kathleen will help you every step of the way and offer you the personal attention and caring assistance you deserve while going through this difficult time.

Supplemental Security Income is a program that pays monthly benefits if you are disabled and have a limited income and resources. You do not have to have worked and paid Social Security taxes to qualify. The basic monthly benefit amount in Florida for 2022 is $841.00. You may receive less if you or your family have other income or resources.

Social Security pays monthly benefits if you are disabled and you have enough work credits. These credits are earned by paying Social Security taxes . The monthly benefit amount you receive depends on your earnings over your lifetime. Other income and resources that you or your family have, will not affect your benefit rate.

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B Kelly
Kathleen worked with my husband to obtain his disability. He had several medical issues that could qualify him for disability but honestly the biggest obstacle in the process was often my husband. He was very insecure about filing for SSDI and never holding a full time job again. I never thought Ms Smith would've ever gotten him thru the entire process especially being the 3rd time reapplication. Not only did she get him thru the process the government made his payments retroactive to his 1st application date. 3 years later I became disabled after a work accident. I went straight to Kathleen. My application was approved on the 2nd submission. I read an earlier review stating Ms Smith indicated she would not take the reviewers case. One of the first things Ms Smith explained to myself and my husband was that she does not take cases unless she's confident she'll win. That made my husband and I pretty confident about this unnerving process. So Ms Smith obtained disability for Both my husband and myself. Shes an excellent, professional and caring attorney. I would recommend her very, very highly.
Eric Lorey
My husband Eric and I highly recommend Kathleen Smith. Once my husband's case was denied twice, we called her office. The advantage of calling her office is that you actually get her as your attorney if she takes your case. She has been handling disability cases for many years and has the knowledge and experience required to handle even the most complex cases like my husband's case was. She will devote herself to your case and offer guidance through the entire process. She did an excellent job of handling and winning my husband's disability case and was very pleasant to work with. Sincerely, Diana Lorey
Michael Frizelle
I am endorsing Kathleen Smith, Attorney, who highly deserves special recognition for her excellent work on my Social Security Case. I am a Retired Military Combat Veteran who has a laundry list of chronic issues and arthritic pain. The Social Security Office was all too quick in its decision to deny my claim for disability and pension. The Social Security Medical review; compares to buying a car after walking around the car, kicking the tires, but, they never look under the hood — they did not care to determine the severity of my health issues. Before going with Kathleen, I had researched the other Legal Big Names. What I found that those Big Names lacked the winning history, nor did they provide the support that you would expect. Kathleen, put my case together and handled it professionally. After the battle, winning was a great victory.
Anne Thornton
Kathleen handled my husband's social security case several years ago with positive results so when I needed help with my claim I immediately knew who to call. She was very professional as was her office staff. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone needing help with a social security claim.
Leslie Arnold
My sister recommended Kathleen to us as she helped her with her disability claim and I have to say Kathleen was everything and more. She is professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Kathleen answered all our questions and never made us feel stupid. Her staff were kind and helpful also. Kathleen managed to get my husband's disability pushed through even with the coronavirus in full swing.
Dennis Bolen
Besides being a wonderful lawyer, Ms Smith is a caring compassionate person. We felt very confident and comfortable with her and the case she worked for us. Highly recommend her.